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E07 S01

Chef-Owner Matt from Wheeling

The Vagabond Chef enters the studio: culinary anthropologist, West Virginia prodigal son, and all about stories and real f*cking food made with intention. This self-described “more vigilante than superhero” is reimagining the way small communities look at food culture—through the lens of Appalachian history and his travels.

The true embodiment of artist and adventurer—inflected perhaps with a bit of stoic Memento mori—this dairy farm kid turned entrepreneur has bootstrapped his way to becoming a farm-to-table restaurant owner, executive chef of West Virginia State Parks, and Value Added Product Coordinator for the WV Food and Farm Coalition.

Follow the Vagabond Chef’s journey on the Vagabond Kitchen website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @thevagabondchef.


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Restaurant sound effect from Pixabay. Intro clip: Anthony Bourdain, as interviewed by Fast Company.